No I don't mean Lily Pulitzer. I mean my sweet pup Lily. She has been acting a little funny lately: extra clingy, restless, and now vomiting. Tonight my mom and I took her to the emergency vet. They did some xrays and saw a bit of a grey mass. They think she might have eaten something and that it is causing an obstruction. Either way, she was pitiful. She was shaking and clearly in pain. They wanted to keep her overnight to run some tests and monitor her. I think they are supposed to call my mom and keep her updated. They gave her a sedative to calm her down because she was so anxious about being there. They brought her out for us to see her before we left. I can't explain to you how much my heart broke. She looked so sad and worried. They had gone ahead and put in some IV ports in her paw. They wrapped it with hot pink tape. That made me smile because Lily is such a girl. I know she liked the hot pink. I loved on her briefly and rubbed her airplane ears (they stick straight out to the sides...). As we were leaving, she didn't once look away from me. She watched my mom and I leave and looked pitiful. I had to hold back alligator tears. It was tough. That is my sweet pup, and I love her as my child as I do her four legged siblings, step sister (BG) and her half brother (Legend). Please say a prayer for her tonight that nothing is too serious and that she will be OK. I am trying to keep my mind from wandering. I will leave you with a picture of my girl.


Reynolds Wedding said...

We just went through the same thing. Buddy ate his bandges from being nutered, that was rough. He had to have surgery since they were causing an obstruction. My poor baby had an IV too. She'll be back to good as new within a few days, you're stronger than I was I couldn't stop crying.

Kelsey Rand said...

I hope that it passes & that she'll be okay! My dog has had 2 'foreign body' surgeries- once from eating a thumbtack, and the other time from eating carpet! She's a trooper & recovered great though! Keep me posted :)

Virginia said...

Poor dog!! The same thing was happening with my dog, and she ended up just perfect two days later so hopefully there'll be a similar outcome! In better news, I just gave you the Stylish Blogger award on my blog!! Virginia

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