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So I have been M.I.A. lately. I apologize for the lack of details about my life. So I had the interview with MUSC for a position on the transplant unit. I never got a call back for a second interview/peer interview. Ugh. I thought I would have got it last week but much to my dismay my phone never rang. When I got the call about the first interview I didn't psych myself up like I had for past interviews just because I didn't want to get disappointed if it fell through. It helped. I took it with stride. Or maybe I'm just getting used to not getting a job? Who knows. Anyways, this past weekend I spent it with Brian in Aiken. We had a wonderful time with his friends hanging around the pool and having a few beverages. And let us not forget the wonderful food his parents prepared. They are always so gracious. Brian treated me to date night one night so it was nice to just get away and be only with him for a little bit. I like my alone time with my boo. :)

This weekend Brian makes the trek to Charleston, FINALLY. I feel like he hasn't been down here in ages. Our good friends/newlyweds The Hamiltons and their family will be down here at Sullivan's! We are looking forward to spending time with them and sharing many laughs and memories together. All of our other friends will be out there as well. It's going to be another good time for all of us. I'm really looking forward to it as is Brian. Here is a picture of Brian and I at one of my favorite places in Aiken, The Holly House/ The Polo Bar. Have a great week y'all! xoxo

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Newlyweds: Dana and Patrick said...

I don't know...I'm thinking these blessings, like a job just SNEAK up on you. Whenever you least expect it, you are going to find a job. For now we have the summer to relax by the beach...there until Thursday so lets have drinks and know that one day we will have a job and most likely we will HATE it because it is a JOB. haha, ily, see you Saturday! I'm thinking Poes that night!

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