I'm here to pump...you up!

The weekend felt really long to me. Since when are weekends ever "long"? They are never long enough... anyways, Friday was spent in Myrtle Beach shopping. My all time favorite store Anthropologie is located in Myrtle Beach at the Market Common. I picked up a few items. All of which I should take pictures of and post for y'all. Just a little splash of color to what seems to me as a DRAB closet... (Is anyone else drawn to black as much as I am?? I have told myself I'm not allowed to buy black...for now.) Saturday, my mom and I took our rescue Lab, BG, to the Pet Fest of Charleston. We have had her a little over a year now with the help of Lowcountry Lab Rescue. Sunday was sloooow. Just how I like it. Anyways, on to what has drawn me to title this post after Arnold... just a funny picture...

Today, my best friend and I went to Body Pump class at the gym in my neighborhood. HOLY MACKEREL! Have y'all ever been to Body Pump? It's intense. I only put 10lbs on my bar bell...to be on the safe side. The class is a solid hour of using your arms with the weight of your choosing. Needless to say, all the deadlifts and chest presses and every other crazy thing you can do with that bar bell...left my arms, chest, and trapezius muscles (the muscles that help move your shoulder blades) were shaking, quivering, spazzing...you name it. Washing my hair tonight was a task as my arms hurt to even hold them up. Yikes. If I don't post for a couple days, it's because my arms are DEAD! I really felt good about the workout though! It was a great workout for arms and abs! Perfect for the fast approaching summer season. TONE! TONE! TONE!

Anyways, hope this finds you after a good Monday. Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers tonight and the rest of this week as her grandmother passed from Alzheimer's today...only a week after my best friend was married. A very tough road for this family! Thanks y'all!


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