Mole Killer(s)

This morning I woke up to go down and check on the dogs as I always do downstairs. But this morning was a bit different. The dogs were outside, like normal after they get fed in the mornings, and were sunning themselves in the grass. But what catches my eye but a trench. Yes, a trench. I called my dad to make sure that he hadn't been digging in the backyard this morning and he said no. So who else could it be that dug the 12ft+ long trench in our backyard, but my very own Lily and Legend. Lily has this incredible smelling sense and picks up ANYTHING under the ground...so that's what they were after... a mole. Can I blame them? No! That's what dogs do and I have not a doubt in my mind that they were talking to themselves saying, "Hurry! We got to get this yard terrorist! Mom would want us to get him." Little did they know. Bless their hearts! I leave you with a picture of one of the culprits--his sister chose not to pose for the camera.

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passport in my pocket said...

this is hilarious! but sorry for your yard. I write about dogs for a living, so this is the kind of thing my boss would like to hear about :)

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