I wish money grew on trees.

I wish money grew on trees... seriously. I am STILL waiting to get my second interview with RSFH. I contacted the lady via email, and she informed me that she was still finishing up with the FIRST ROUND of interviews. Let me inform you: I interviewed over 2 weeks ago. By the end of this week, it will be 3 weeks. Hopefully I will have a date and time for my second interview for NEXT week. I do NOT like waiting. Just go ahead and hire me. Geez! And since I have nothing to do, I sit at home and think about shopping. I need to shop. It's bad. I have this horrible horrible urge to go spend money that I do NOT have. However, I do have bills that need to be paid. "Growing up" isn't the greatest I will be the first to tell you. Looking for a job and waiting and hoping to get hired is AWFUL! We should just magically be handed our dream job the day after we graduate college. Right? Why not? Then it would work for everyone. Everyone would be happy. But this isn't a perfect world, and things do not happen that way much to my dismay. Oh well. I'll keep praying, hoping, crossing my fingers & toes that I hurry up and get this job. In the mean time, I'll window shop online and dream of all the cute clothes I might could have if I had a job & an income. Give me strength Lord, give me strength. Here are a couple cute things I have found recently.
Anthropologie of course...
And cute boots from Old Navy. I have wanted a pair like this for a while. BUT, I'm resisting the urge and watching my money. Every penny counts these days... especially when you don't have a J-O-B.

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