Thursday Truths

So today has been one of those days where I just want to walk away from the computer, sit on the couch, eat junk food, and binge watch Scandal. I mean, I can't be the only one who wants to do these things some days. Can I get an amen?

I thought I would put out some "truths" if you will so my readers (if I have any) get to know me a bit more in depth. These are random. One is not more important than the other. Some are funny & some have a bit more thought to them. Just a fun way to see the "real" side of a person behind the post I think.

I originally titled this post Wednesday Wishes. Y'all, I legit thought it was Wednesday. I think working from home and not getting all ready for the office anymore has just made me not really think about what day it is.

I have a problem. It's called sweets. I have 0 self control. And sometimes...I just don't care. 

I read a lot of blogs. But to be honest...do y'all think they are all starting to look & sound the same? I hate to say it but almost every blog I read is now always talking about clothes/makeup/hair/etc and has zero content on real life. I understand that it is some people's jobs. And that's cool. But not everybody is perfect like they portray. I get way more out of people who can just let their hair down and have real talk. It's just refreshing. And besides that, fashion bloggers make me want to buy all the things. Let's be real...I don't have money to spend like that. 

My husband and I "gave" each other an iPad for our anniversary at the end of October. I think we were the only people in the world who didn't yet have an iPad. Oh well...now we LOVE it. :)

I think my dog is depressed. We moved from our house with a huge backyard...and now live in an apartment. Gopher LOVED his backyard and chasing squirrels. I hate it for him. If it will ever stop raining here in Austin on the weekends, we can take him out to the lake and trails.

Happy Thursday y'all!


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Just Jess said...

I feel the same way about the blogging world. I think that is why I took a five month break and then transitioned into a new blog space. I think in this world of social media filtered perfection we all write the truth, like how I had five mini cupcakes for breakfast this morning.

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