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Well it's only been over 6 months since I have written. OOPS! Y'all, work, travel, church, Junior League, friends, husband, pup, volunteer work -- it has all taken over. And that's called LIFE folks!! But I am going to try to be much better. Anyways, I wanted to share with y'all quickly the most amazing make up primer EVER that was just introduced to me.

I was in Sephora last Friday to run in and get some more Bare Minerals powder & was speaking with the lady about how oily my skin is. Recently is has gone into OVER LOAD oil production (don't ask me why!) and my make up practically has been sliding off my face by 10:30 AM. Y'all, it ain't pretty! I don't wear a TON of make up to work anyways, just enough so I don't scare people. Well, the sweet lady at Sephora asked if I had ever used the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. I hadn't and she told me it was "super matte." She offered me a sample, and I have been using it since last Friday. Y'all, it. is. AMAZING. I just finished up my sample this morning and am going to get myself to the mall to buy the full thing ASAP.

 You can buy it here.

My make up stays and doesn't run & looks great for the whole work day. This has NEVER happened for me. If you have super oily skin like me, give it a shot. The girls at Sephora can always give you a sample to try before you buy the real deal. I can't wait to test out other Becca products to see how they hold up!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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A Simple Southern Life said...

I haven't ever used a primer but I've heard such great things I'm tempted to try one!

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