My weekend in pictures

When people say, "Sorry for the overload on pictures," I always think to myself...why?! I love looking at pictures. I'm a visual person. Pictures are sometimes much more fun that actual words. I mean when you were a kid, didn't you pick out the book to "read" that had mainly pictures in it? That's what I thought. So here you have it. Here is my weekend in pictures. And I'm not sorry. :)

Valentine's Tulips!

Gigi's Mini Cupcakes -- I'm not even telling you how many are left.

Our first G-Vegas snow!!

Our backyard...this was just in the beginning.

Gopher in his coat. I think he looks sporty!

Me...cheesing like someone who has NEVER seen/experienced snow in their life.
HEY! I am from the South.
 And to my defense, it was blowing so hard I couldn't see.
Gopher just wants to play...

The cool kids. So photogenic.

Belated VDay dinner to the Strip Club. Yes, you read that right.

Gopher being the little spoon.
B was the big spoon.
Spoiled ROTTEN.

Target purses strike again!
This is more of a grey/khaki.
I think I will be able to use this well into the spring/summer.



Dana said...

You did NOT go to the strip club...but if you did..I'm so proud and did you like it? It is such a fun date night!

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

That purse is ADORABLE! :)1818 nolunee

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