The Bachelorette

So... what did y'all think? 

I really thought Sean was the one. He was great. He was super sweet. And my goodness, he was sooo good lookin'. 

BUT, I did like Jef... with one F.
He seemed so genuine. He just seemed like a good soul to me.
I think Emily and him are such a good fit. 
He is different though with his hair... and "edge" as Emily puts it. 

I really think Emily needs to LOSE the extensions. Her hair is gorgeous and when she puts it in, it does NOT look pretty. It just looks stringy to me. 

Homegirl, could take some lessons from Pink Lou Lou
If you don't know, you should. The girl can rock some hair & makeup! 
She's adorable & will keep you laughing. 

But as I was saying, I am very happy for Emily and Jef and Little Ricki!

And her ring ain't half bad either.... I mean c'mooooon!

 {A reported $150k ring, 2.5 carat emerald cut center stone, 87 round cut diamonds set in a platinum band, for a total carat weight of 3.5 carats. HOLY MOLY! Home girl better start doing some finger exercises.}

Anyways, hope y'all have a fabulous week. 


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Dana said...

The only reason I did not like Sean was bc he kept saying how his ex really wanted to marry him and he didn't love her and blah blah blah. Way to make that girl embarrassed on national television.

Jef has grown on me. I'm still questionable but she seems to love him.

The extensions are a no. She is so stunning and always flawless but not with those.

Looking back, I don't think she and Arie were meant to be so I think she picked the right one but is it the right one FO LIFE. We shall see ; )

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