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The beau has finally sat down and answered some questions. I hope y'all enjoy. I stole this idea from Sarah from Classy and Fabulous. Check her out! She s quite witty and gives it to you straight. Love her blog!

What do you remember about the first time you remember seeing her-before you knew her?

  • I remember thinking how gorgeous you were and how I thought you would never go for a guy like me. I was immediately attracted to her…since she had a great smile, personality, and a great body ;).

How did you first approach her – before you knew you were going to ask her out?

  • Well I honestly, wasn’t planning on approaching her until I got word from some mutual friends that she thought I was “cute” (hot or sexy would have been a better word, but I gladly took that complement) and thought I might look into this girl and seeing if we might have some chemistry. I remember being at my best friend’s house telling him about her and while I was over there I asked for her number and got it…which meant she was wanting some Marozas. We ended up going out with friends and had a really good time and unfortunately soon after she had to leave for Spain for what seemed like forever...but not too long after she got back I “asked her out” and we’ve been together ever since.

How did you ask her out for the first time?

  • Don’t know if I actually asked her out per say. We knew we were both attracted to each other and we kinda started off on the wrong foot but we eventually found out that we had a lot in common and we were both extremely weird. I used to think she was just a pretty girly girl...she’s definitely more than that.

What were you thinking on the first date? Any specific details that you remember?

  • I was super super nervous…hadn’t seen her in months and we really just talked to each other for a few months and had no kind of physical interaction. She would tell you that she thought I ate like a bird…but it was because I was soo nervous…in reality I eat like a beast. I remember we had spaghetti and she ragged me for the longest time because I told her I was going to get a salad recipe for dinner…I felt stupid after I thought about it. We had some wine and at first we were both very awkward…I wanted to hold her and kiss her but I didn’t want to be forward. She was beautiful and had my blood pressure going through the roof along with my heart rate.

What is the most memorable outfit she has worn in your presence?

  • She had me when I saw her wear this white dress at a party…she was hotttt. Of course I like seeing her in her bathing suits…not looking forward to the day she wears one-pieces though.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done together?

  • Hmmm…we have had some strange conversations almost on a daily basis…
What is her most annoying habit?

Most…how about a nice list ;)

  • Forgets to say please when asking me or others to do things
  • Critiques a lot of things
  • Clears her throat after every other drink of something
  • When she uses up the toilet paper she will not replace with a new roll
  • Hogs the bed
  • Messes with her phone ALL THE TIME…even in the company of friends or while driving

What are her best and worst domestic attributes?

  • Best-has desire to clean and cook (very picky about how she cooks however-don’t add anything to what she prepares)

  • Hogs the bathroom with her stuff…hides my things in cabinets without me knowing. She is Satisfied with just plain biscuits in the morning…a man’s gotta eat and biscuits and jelly won’t give this growing boy any protein or energy.

What is your fondest memory with Haley?

  • Going to Cozumel with her was awesome…we had a good time and experienced a lot of things for the first time together…I can’t wait for us to go on our next trip.
And the scariest?
  • Well, I remember vividly and probably will never forget…finishing up dinner at the Blue Marlin in Columbia and I pulled out of the parking lot and did not see the median…I went over it and in a panic backed up and all the while a car was heading straight for us aimed right at Haley’s side of my car and I quickly shifted into drive and slammed my foot on the pedal before we were hit by the oncoming car…Haley gave a death scream as though she was going to die…my heart almost exploded in my chest I was soo scared…I hate just thinking about it.

How did you first learn about her blog? What was your initial reaction?

  • Well she talked about it all the time and I was curious as to what was mentioned about me…sometimes when we were having tough times I would check it out to see how she was feeling about me at the time or sometimes I would check it just to hopefully see some good positive stuff about me…which there is plenty of now. My initial reaction was “Well theres some good things in this blog about me” I then went into her archives and saw stuff about old boyfriends…I learned that wasn’t the best idea and that I needed to focus on us.

He does give it to you straight, right? That is why I love him! Hope y'all got some good laughs out of this. I sure did. I am definitely not perfect... and he showed you that. :)

Happy Hump Day, y'all!



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Dana said...

Haley, you are so blessed. Brian loves you for you and you both accept one another for who you are and love all your differences. You are so meant to be!! I love me some Brian!! He is the best!

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