1. I slept 10.5 hours last night. Fever blisters make me feel blah!

2. I'm obsessed with my Victoria's Secret pajamas. I've got 2 pair (1 pair from last Christmas, 1 pair from this Christmas)
Currently rocking:
(except totally not as sexy)

3. I stressed myself out + these horrible fluctuations in weather (70 one day and 50 the next) have caused me some sweet fever blisters. UGH!

4. I only watch 2 channels these days: Bravo + E!

5. I am living for the weekends... like daily.

6. I worked out 5 days last week. This week I am 0 for workouts this week. Oops!

7. I am ready for spring time! Where are you 75 degrees?

8. Does anyone pluck their eyebrows as much as I do? I feel like it's every other day. Legit.

9. I saw War Horse over the NYE weekend. Not only did I cry, but the beau confessed he teared up too. Mark that down in the history books! Awesome movie, btw.

10. My nails are currently NOT painted, and my toenails look like I half dipped them in fingernail polish remover. Honestly, I can't make myself pay for a pedicure in the winter when nobody sees my toes. I just need to quit being lazy and redo them myself.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


A Simple Southern Life said...

Hope you feel better!

Dana said...

Love you entirely too much. Enjoyed reading this.

Ashley said...

love the blog! Im still dying to go see WarHorse...at least now I know I should definitely bring tissues!

Elizabeth said...

Adorable blog! Definitely gonna start following!


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