Carolina 10-2

Well folks, it was quite an eventful weekend. Friday night, I drove to Columbia to meet Brian. We had dinner out and then crashed. We got up early Saturday to get ready for the game. Little did we know, there wasn't a soul we knew tail-gating. It wasn't a conference game so I expected it. This was my first game of the season. My how things have changed since last season where I was at practically EVERY home game. We are just too busy these days. We had fun and our Gamecocks won, taking us to 10-2. On Friday, we will be traveling back to Columbia for rival weekend against Clemson. Lord help us! It is going to be a CRAZY weekend!!!

It was so nice just being with Brian. A lot of times when we are together we are with our friends or doing something so we rarely have time for [ourselves.] And to add to it, we live 3.5 hrs away from each other so we are long distance (which I TOTALLY HATE!!). I really value our one on one time a lot.

I drove back after the game because I had one last shower to attend for my BFF before she gets her M.R.S degree. We had a blast laughing and cutting up this afternoon. We had a good group of girls and good FOOD and DRINK. Y'all know I love to eat and drink. There was fresh fruit, grits, breakfast casseroles, mini bagels, fresh veggies, and mini cupcakes and cookies for dessert. The bridesmaid who hosted made a wine/champagne/fruit concentrate punch. TOO DIE FOR. It had fresh raspberries/lemons floating in it. It was great.

I will leave y'all with a couple pictures from the game. I hope y'all have a great week. I only have Thanksgiving day off but still a short week. :)

Before the game...

Warm up on the field
[Oh how I LOVE Williams Brice Stadium.]


A Simple Southern Life said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! If I were allowed to attend school out of state I would be attending USC. Go Gamecocks!

Dana said...

Sad I couldn't come. I bet it was fun. See you soon! Wedding time! Let me know when you get a quote from Victor.

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