If I make it out of work alive this week, it will be a miracle. I left about 10-15 emails unread in my inbox (I do NOT do this.), and I have a stack of work waiting for me that has a deadline. It is so busy with work. I enjoy the challenge; I just do not have enough hours in the workday to complete EVERYTHING. I don't like to keep people waiting for replies, and I have been guilty of making people wait the past couple weeks. It's just CRAZY. Exports are through the roof this year. Everyone is on edge as we are scrambling. Lord, give me strength.

I am leaving you with a picture of one of our vessels. She is the MSC Rita. She is the largest vessel to grace the East Coast. In fact this picture was taken as she was leaving the Charleston harbor, Wando Terminal. I'm a bit fascinated with my job. Call me a nerd!

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Newlyweds: Dana and Patrick said...

Busy is good. Atleast you are not bored at work. I love the fact that I am so busy because it makes the week fly by and being 39 weeks pregnant and teaching...I need the days to go by quickly, ha.

So proud of you...I know you do a great job at work.

Less than 1 and you better get ready to make a trip to the Thrill to meet your nephew. He will love you!

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