Well hello world! I have been missing in action for quite some time. I have been busy getting back in the game with school and such. And having a boyfriend on top of that...I am one busy girl! I am excited to say that I will be graduating December 14, 2009 at 3:30 pm. WOO HOO! I will be a Carolina Alumni!
I am pretty excited to graduate. Although, I still have the GRE ahead of me. [Side note: I need to sign up to take it. YIKES!] I think I have decided to work and save money to put towards graduate school. You know, ease the monetary pain that my parents go through to put me through school. I feel it is the only right thing to do. 

Anyways, this fall weather is AWESOME! I'm loving the cool weather and sunny days. There is nothing like crisp mornings and changing leaves and chili...oh YUM! And lest us not forget, cute FALL clothes!! Here are a few of my favorites!

These are just a few wants that I have. I think they are all quite cute! What do y'all think?

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