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Hello all!! It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been horrible at keeping up with this thing. Oops! So much has been going on since I posted last. I finished with school and finals; which I was thoroughly pleased with my grades. After taking my last exam, I went to Mississippi/Louisiana! What a trip!! I traveled with 2 of my guy friends, Zach and Chris. We drove down on a Thursday and arrived early Friday morning... 3:30 in the morning early! But, it was a blast getting down there. These two boys have great senses of humor and kept me laughing so much. We stayed with Zach's mom in Gulfport, Mississippi right on the beach. It was beautiful. We ate at GREAT places, went to the Beau Rivage (a casino) and did a little gambling, went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and got to see Cowboy Mouth, Kings of Leon, and lots of good jazz bands. It was very hot but the atmosphere and company made it so fun!! Since New Orleans is only 40 minutes from Gulfport, we went back to downtown New Orleans and played tourist on Bourbon Street and Jackson Square! It was so much fun. I loved the area, the art, all the people, and the food ... AMAZING! Here are a few pictures just to show you how much fun we had!

Well, I am now home for a week before I travel to Spain. SPAIN! Can you believe it?! I'm going to Spain. It still hasn't hit me yet and probably won't until I hop onto that plane. Geez. I'm super excited yet nervous! I will be there for a month. I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone because I'm usually too afraid of what I will miss out on back here to try anything new. But, I'm going through with it! And I just know I'm going to have a blast. I will definitely be using this blog to inform you guys of what's going on while I'm over there. I hope you guys will keep up with the stories, rants and raves that I choose to blog about! This week leading up to me leaving is going to be crazy and hectic! Pray that I pack everything I need and don't forget the important things and that my flight goes safely. I'm not keen on the idea of flying over the ocean. Eek!! Until then, ¡ciao!

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